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What we offer At Cardio Direct, we firmly believe in preventative care.
Get in contact to find out more about our services.
What we offer At Cardio Direct, we firmly believe in preventative care.
Get in contact to find out more about our services.

Sports Screenings

At Cardio Direct, we firmly believe in preventative care, working with major sports clubs, professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

We have been part of the FA scholar screening program for almost 10 years as one of their preferred cardiac screening providers, screening both male and female Under 16 scholars.

We have also carried out many mobile cardiac sports screens for Premier clubs including Fulham, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Watford and Brighton. Our mobile service enables us to screen the squads of professional clubs at their training ground.

For professional football players we can accommodate pre signing cardiac screens when required.

For individuals and enthusiasts we can arrange the tests to be performed at our Harley Street Clinic or for 6 people our mobile service can come to your sports club or similar venue.

We also offer cardiac screening for people who are keen to have their heart checked prior to marathons, running events and triathlons but it is important to recognise that it is not just elite athletes who are at risk and require screening. Although cardiac events are more likely to occur when exercising this is not always the case. It is important that early detection, treatment and intervention can be made in people whose heart abnormality would have otherwise gone undetected. Figures suggest that 12 young people die every week in the UK from unidentified cardiac conditions (Papadakis et al., 2009)

Therefore Cardio Direct offers all young individuals the opportunity to be screened not just people who play high level sports. Screening with an ECG and Echo is aimed at identifying, where possible, conditions such as cardiomyopathies, anatomical abnormalities of the coronary arteries and electrical disorders of the heart.

It is important to understand that there are different likely causes of Sudden Cardiac Death in those under 35 years old compared with those over 35. Most causes of SCD in those under 35 are due to inherited cardiac abnormalities. The tests used in cardiac screening aim to identify the majority of these abnormalities. When screening those over 35 it is important to exclude inherited heart conditions and in particular coronary artery disease, i.e. “furring up” of the coronary arteries. Unless the person has already sustained a heart attack there will be no evidence of the presence of underlying coronary artery disease on a resting ECG. Therefore more detailed tests; such as an exercise ECG may be recommended in addition to the ECG and Echo.

Prior to screening you will be asked to fill in a personal and family history medical questionnaire.

You will then have an ECG and an echocardiogram (Echo).

An ECG is a quick, simple and painless test that records the electrical activity of the heart. This can help to identify abnormal rhythms, a previous heart attack or problems with the heart muscle. Six electrodes are attached to the chest and one on each limb and the electrical impulses of the heart are recorded.

Echocardiogram (Echo):
An Echo is an ultrasound of the heart. It is non-invasive, safe and painless. Ultrasound waves are bounced off the heart; using the same technique that is used to look at babies in pregnancy. The echo provides information about the heart structure and function; the size and shape of the heart chambers, valves and the blood flow. It can also identify areas of the heart muscle that may be damaged.

All results are reviewed by our consultant cardiologists and reports received within 5 days.

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Insurance Medicals

Cardio Direct (UK) Ltd has an excellent reputation for carrying out insurance medicals within the insurance industry and for providing a professional and efficient medical service.

Our team has many years’ experience working with some of the UK’s largest insurers.

Comprehensive medical service

Basic insurance medicals with blood tests are generally completed in 30 minutes. Additional tests can be included, please see below.

Insurance companies request medical examinations for many reasons including the need to underwrite a policy such as one for Life Insurance. The examination will verify that the health declaration you have made on your application is correct providing the insurer with the information needed to make a determination whether or not to issue a policy to you. Once the medical examination is completed, the results are sent directly to the insurer for an underwriter to review.

We arrange appointments so that all tests follow-on immediately from the medical to minimise any delay. We are in a position to provide most tests on site and aim to make an insurance medical a calm, comfortable and relaxing experience. Discretion and confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.

Detailed medical reports are completed and returned to the relevant insurance company the same day.

Scope of the insurance medical

Most basic insurance medicals include blood tests. More detailed tests can include some or all of the following items:

  • > Electrocardiogram
  • > Exercise testing
  • > Urine tests
  • > Saliva tests
  • > Drug abuse screening

Medical Requirements

  • > Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.
  • > When appointments are made, you will be advised about fasting requirements for blood tests, but please do continue to drink water, as you will be requested to give a urine sample as part of the medical.
  • > In some cases, you will be requested to bring Photo ID. You will be advised if this is necessary, when making an appointment.
  • > If an Exercise ECG is required as part of the medical, please bring along gym gear e.g. shorts, t-shirt and trainers or wear loose clothing. The Exercise ECGs are either carried out on site .
  • > All Exercise ECGs are arranged around the medical, to avoid any unnecessary waiting around.
  • > A medical consisting of an Exercise ECG and blood and urine tests, normally takes approximately 1 ½ hours.

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We work with a variety of specialist consultant cardiologists, all with NHS positions in London, who see private patients from our rooms.

Between them they have expertise in a wide range of cardiac conditions:

  • > Palpitations
  • > High blood pressure
  • > Chest pain
  • > Heart failure
  • > Cardiomyopathy
  • > Sports cardiology

Please contact the clinic for further information or to arrange an appointment.

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